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Cat is thriving, and I trust them and it really matters now

My cat was one of those who ate some of the contaminated big brand dry food that killed hundreds of cats. Fortunately she was okay. At the time we had just started using KatKin as well and I was a bit take it or leave it about them - my cat loved some flavours and wouldn't touch others, but she has always been the same with more normal cat foods, loving one week and then refusing to eat ever again. Since then, KatKin has become so much more important to me because I really feel I can't trust the industrial brands ever again. As cat food, it looks great - super meaty and healthy and the pouches are easy to empty because they're clear. As a company, I find them really easy to use and charming and helpful (I wrote when I was really terrified about the contaminated dry food and they sent me personal replies from their vet) and there are so many thoughtful touches. I can delay, mess about with recipe combinations and sizes. Also my cat loves the wool thing the food is packed in and tears it to pieces. She loves Moo, and some weeks she loves Oink but today she won't eat it. She goes in and out of liking Cluck, Baa, Quack and Gobble and refused Splash then went for it like a crazed thing one day. And yes there was a noticeable effect on her coat and energy. She is so hench now (she was a very weedy Siamese because she was such a fussy eater) - she weighs more in a good way, and is shinier than she's ever been in her life.

2 hours ago

Customer service is amazing at Katkin

Customer service is amazing at Katkin. Super timely, and always the right response. Thanks guys! You’re doing an amazing job ☺️

Anoushka Bold
2 hours ago

Both me and my cat love Katkin

My cat loves this food and they have so much variety! Amazing costumer service as well!

1 day ago

My cat absolutely adores this food

My cat absolutely adores this food, he is 16 and still jumps up when he sees the pouch. He suffers with arthritis so I'm happy to buy the best food I can

1 day ago

After trying so many different types of…

After trying so many different types of food my cats enjoy their food and their coats and their overall health seems so much better . Would highly recommend.

Tina Marsh Marsh
1 day ago

Cat loved the food

Cat loved the food. Reasonably priced.

Aman Khanna
1 day ago

all three kittens (almost cats) love…

all three kittens (almost cats) love their food...and its easily stored and prepared.

Mark Tucker
1 day ago

Katkin is a superb product

Katkin is a superb product. The team behind it is knowledgable and helpful. They understand that it isn't always easy for the cat to make the transition from regular cat food to Katkin. I recently gave up on Katkin as my cat continued to be fussy about it but without any Katkin in her diet she went back to her old pre Katkin habit of food regurgitation and literally started to look unwell. Invited to order the one off delivery I did this and my cat immediately seemed relived when she smelled what was in her bowl. No more regurgitation. A lovelier coat and a happy relaxed puss.

1 day ago

Love this cat food

Really great food and excellent subscription service where it's so easy to update/alter/delay orders etc. Very reliable company - never had any issues at all. Cat is very happy!

2 days ago

Simply the best for my cat

Great company - very responsive to questions and clearly motivated by wanting the best for cats. Food itself is excellent quality, although transition took a few months and determination from me not to succumb to my cat’s wariness about something new. Judging by his condition now and his very positive attitude to his meals, I’m very happy with KatKin. Communication with ‘Management’ is also easy, friendly and effective. Doenside? It’s not a particularly cheap option but as one can feed just KatKin confident that your cat is getting enough, it is good quality meat and nothing more is required I suspect the difference isn’t that great longterm. It’s worth it, so given health benefits for one’s pet why would one quibble overmuch?

2 days ago

Great company providing quality cat food

Great company providing quality food. Switch over and your cats will thank you. Hadn't previously realised the low content of meat in the average cat food, switching to this has made a real difference to my cat. She's stopped vomiting and no longer underweight, has more energy and appears more contented. Granted not all the varieties are appreciated by my cat but its easy to adjust your order to your cats preferences. Whilst it is more expensive than other popular brands, it makes sense when you compare ingredients and is a price worth paying Cats are obligate carnivores!... Cats need meat not all the nonsense other brands pad their food with.

Suzanne Edwards
2 days ago

The best and most nutritious food for a cat…

This is the best food I can give to my cat, there is no better alternative in the UK market. Its is the most natural fresh food I could find and my cat loves it. In addition to this the pouchest that arrive frozen are the perfect size and are easy to store in the freezer. The company offers flexibility of the subscribtion so if I still have more pouches left before the next deliver, they send me a reminder and I can delay the delivery to a convenieent date.

2 days ago

Best food on the market!

I’ve been obsessed with getting the best food for my 2 fur babies. Shocked at the 4% meat content in supermarket brands, I have tried untamed, cat republic and blink, high meat content but I discovered it’s cooked at such high temperatures it really destroys the goodness, I mean food that has a 2 year use by date can’t be good can it? I really wasn’t sure my cats would take to this but I went ahead with the trial. Fresh to frozen I was worried they’d be bored by it. Don’t get me wrong they don’t exactly go crazy for it like they would if I put a Sheba pate in front of them but that is like a kid preferring a Mac Donald’s over vegetables! They do eat it all though at their leisure but the benefits are startling. In just over 3 weeks their poo is smaller and no smell so for me huge win. Not such a huge win is the amount of energy they have! I discovered this when my normally lazy Bombay had started pole vaulting all 5kgs of him onto my chest at 3am - it’s great to see how much energy he has! Persevere with this food. It without a doubt is THE best option for a healthy cat. I feel the cost is justified knowing my babies are getting the best available. As you can tailor the pouch sizes you won’t waste anything. Has the best variety so even if your cat goes off one you can switch it up. There’s fish, poultry, beef, lamb, pork etc. Thoroughly recommended by Jake & Suki 🐈

2 days ago

Great company with your pussers best…

Great company with your pussers best interests at the heart of their business. Fab customer service too!

2 days ago

Great service

I have decided to try Katkin as my burmese cat Teddy has food allergies and I have struggled to find any hypoallergenic wet food he can tolerate. The Katkin team have been fantastic and have offered some really helpful guidance with how to proceed with Teddy's eating plan. The first 2 weeks trial has gone well so am hopeful that he will be able to tolerate Katkin long term.

Jane Keena
2 days ago

Brilliant food

Brilliant food, proper food, and our cats love it. It took them a little while to get used to less bulk in the food, but they are healthier, their digestive system is healthy, all good. I also love the packaging, it can all be recycled.

Tracy O'Brien
2 days ago

Kitten loves it and no more litter problem

My kitten loves this food. He is very energetic on this food.It has also completely solved the messy poo and horrible smell problem he was having.

3 days ago

Our cat is exceptionally fussy

Our cat is exceptionally fussy, more so than any previous fluffy companions I’ve had. We previously tried a non-fresh subscription service and, without fault to them, he just didn’t take to it in the long term. After some time on the best of a bad bunch supermarket food that he just wasn’t in to, I searched for an alternative. So far so good with Kat Kin, I transitioned him off his old wet food pretty quickly as he wasn’t eating it anyway. No tummy upsets and provided I use the chicken sprinkles he’s lapping it up. Customer service has been good, fingers crossed he stays happy with this choice but I couldn’t fault the company if he does return to his fickle ways! Still leaving his (as good quality as possible) dry food out while he transitions fully, but it is already becoming a snack rather than a main to him.

3 days ago

Good support and excellent product

Good support and excellent product. One very happy human and delighted kitten

Razia Sultana
3 days ago

My cat loves this new diet and the…

My cat loves this new diet and the effect of it on her general demeanour and increased playfulness is obvious.

DECS Music
4 days ago

KatKin customer services are wonderful

KatKin customer services are wonderful, but then they have a fantastic product. It is so simple to place an order and refine it when your cat makes its preferences known. My furball, Kat, loves her KatKin and polishes her dish as never before. She always seemed to be leaving a lot of her previous food but never KatKin.

Cornish Jennie
4 days ago

My cat loves this food!

I don’t often give recommendations/ reviews but I think KatKin deserve one. Whilst looking up how to help my cat Harry with his IBS, which he’s had since a kitten (he’s now 14), I came across KatKin. So glad I did. All the food my vets have advised for Harry just made it worse, a lot worse, and he was a pretty unhappy cat because of it, so I tried Harry on this food as a last resort. Whilst he still has IBS it’s so much better than it was as he doesn’t need to go anywhere near so often. He has a lot more energy, his coat is glossy, he’s happy and affectionate and most of all he absolutely loves this food - he loved it from the first pouch. He likes nothing more than to have his meal, have a wash then snooze it off. From a customer services point of view, I’ve contact KatKin a few times now, every time they have been quick to reply and are really helpful. I like the personal touches they do/say when replying - it’s the little things that count in customer services and I think KatKin have it right - please don’t change. I really wish KatKin great success. Harry and me thank you :)

4 days ago

Food is high quality and cat loves it

Food is high quality and cat loves it. Help provided to encourage him to get used to new menu. Packaging recyclable.

4 days ago

I have found that Katkin have been…

I have found that Katkin have been extremely helpful to me with getting my cat to convert to the fresh food. It is taking time for Kevin to get use to the food but we are getting there.

Jean Fidler
4 days ago

Cat food peace of mind( is that catchy enough)

My cat used to waste a fair bit of food, eat it one day,refuse it the next. Katkin is eaten every single time,ive not thrown any away and shes on about bag no.20. In fact i realised she was eating more than one bag per day so with one call( answered immediately) i changed my subscription to bigger portions and also changed my delivery dates. Its that good a service you are in control.I would recommend any cat owner to give it a try.

Janey Mac
4 days ago

Very pleased with quality of food.great…

Very pleased with quality of food.great variety. Very good follow up advise.

Julie Swinden
4 days ago

Quality food

Food looks and smells very fresh. Subscription allows for substitutions, I’m case one is not the favourite.

5 days ago

Pure meat and no fillers

Bought this for my Maine Coon kitten as it is pure meat with no fillers. She loves it and i would fully recommend the product and the company who are very reliable and look after their customers.

5 days ago

Very good service and replied to my…

Very good service and replied to my request instantly and followed it up. The meat is good quality and both my cats are eating it all up now although a slower start for my female cat.

Margaret O’Malley
5 days ago

The food smells really good

The food smells really good, you can tell the quality, from the food, packaging and to the customer service, Pixie loves the flavours, and is looking in better condition.

Jackie Howard
6 days ago

Great service

Great service! The food is amazing and my cats love it after initial scepticism. I followed the instructions which are very good and now they eat the food with gusto. The smell of their poo has definitely improved.

Gabriela Rohde
6 days ago

My cat had gastric issues from being a…

My cat had gastric issues from being a kitten, constant diarrhoea it was a nightmare. I tried everything, hypoallergenic foods, prebiotic pastes, worming etc but nothing worked. After being on Katkin only a few days she is now 90% better. I’m so relieved!!

nicola bourne
6 days ago

Customer service is fantastic

Customer service is fantastic. I spoke to a lovely lady called Catherine and nothing was too much trouble. My delivery issues were sorted with the courier straight away. Highly recommended

6 days ago

Amazing Cat Food

Having struggled for over 10 years with one of our cats and her gut issues which she's had since birth, we decided to give Katkin a try. She's normally fed on one of the big brands but never seems full but full of wind. She absolutely lapped up the food and most importantly stayed fuller for longer. She's bright and alert and her coat is really healthy looking now. Her litter box no longer wreaks and overpowers the room and her poo is formed as opposed to wet and watery. Top marks to Katkin for customer service too. Food arrives, boxed and completely frozen, ready to pop into the freezer until needed. Give this cat food a try, you wont regret it

Yvonne Beesley
7 days ago

Great company. Great service

Great company. Excellent customer service. The cat is looking healthier and eats every last morsel. ❤️

Belinda Bourne
7 days ago

KatKin has been a winner

My cat seems to really like the switch to KatKin cat food. He can be a little fussy and waste food if he thinks it has been out too long but this doesn't seem to be an issue with his new fresh food.

Laura Lowe
7 days ago

My cat loves this food

My cat loves this food. The services is great, and they helped me decide as my cat is diabetic, so hoping the food will help.

Lynn Lamont
7 days ago

Nutritional quality food

Great food I have had no problem introducing it to my fussy kitten with stomach issues, highly recommend it

8 days ago

My cat loves the food

My cat loves the food. Unlike with branded food there is no waste as he eats it all. He no longer begs for food as he is satisfied with the portions he is getting

Lesley Mcmahon
8 days ago

Excellent product

Excellent product, at a good price. My cats really like the food and the treats that they sell. Its so easy to order or postpone your order if you still have food left. Great product

8 days ago

Absolutely worth it!

I started KatKin just a few days ago, as my cat was struggling with her digestive system and looking rather unwell. She went on a bland food diet, and we then transitioned her to KatKin as going back to Felix felt counter-productive! I’m happy to say that she is her naughty self again, full of zoomies, and her coat already looks shiny and full. She loves all the flavours, and it was the easiest food transition ever. I’m over the moon, and won’t be going back to supermarket pouches! Highly recommended.

Demi Reynolds
11 days ago

Would highly recommend

Very healthy food, my cat loves it..and if there is a flavour she doesnt like i can take it off her plan so its not wasted :) amazing customer service from a company who clearly cares. Evrrything is eco friendly and thought about to the n'th degree. Hassle free, bespoke subscription service - i love it and would recommend to anyone!

Mary Sturgeon
11 days ago

Excellent service

Excellent service. So far so good transitioning one of my cats over to Katkin food. I am really hoping that with this food I can get one of my cats down to a much healthier weight, the customer service is excellent and I feel very reassured with the support and advice always on hand with regards to changing my cats over to this food.

11 days ago

Both my cats love their new fresh food

Both my cats love their new fresh food. They are both looking brighter and have more energy than before. The service and delivery are amazing. It seems like everything has been thought of including recyclable packaging. I am so impressed and just wish I'd found this cat food company sooner.

Carolyn Williams
12 days ago

Katkin review

I bought Katkin because my cat has a sensitive stomach and sometimes gets diarrhoea. He also is very picky about what he eats and I ended up throwing away a lot of his previous food. The food arrives very well packed, all the packaging is recyclable. The pouches arrive frozen and take up surprisingly little room in the freezer. They are then defrosted as required. My cat is still picky, I have to warm the food for a few seconds in the microwave, but then he tucks in. We're 3 weeks into only eating Katkin and no digestive issues so far. The expense is an issue for me, but as I was throwing so much food away before, it's worth it.

Karen Lizzie Williams
12 days ago

Highly recommended

Highly recommended. Great customer service, flexibility with ordering, but most of all the quality of the food is excellent. My kitty has a healthier looking coat, balanced diet and loves mealtimes.

Michelle Montague
12 days ago

We changed to KatKin’s after paying for…

We changed to KatKin’s after paying for expensive shop bought foil sachets and kibble. We ended up throwing half of it away. Since changing to KatKin’s she enjoys her food and eats every last bit. She appears more content with a satisfied tummy. Has a few bits of kibble for her teeth. Packaging is very good. We recycle it or reuse it.

Sharon Wagstaff
12 days ago

Great friendly family run company…

Great friendly family run company based in the UK. Excellent service and good quality food. My cat is healthier for having a diet without unnecessary added ingredients and I'm happier knowing I'm giving him the best, in my opinion, that is available on the market at present.

12 days ago

A happy tortie is possible…

Our aged and very fussy tortoiseshell has recently switched to Katkin and loves it. No more refusing food, no more waste; she loves it. The food is tailored to individual cats needs but orders are easily changed and they arrive fresh and packed in an insulated cold bag and store easily in the fridge and freezer. One happy tortoiseshell later and we’re hooked.

Curvy Witch
12 days ago

My cat is much healthier

Fifi my semi long haired rescue cat was so skinny but constantly asking for food. She would literally run to the loo straight away so was not getting any nutrition and the mess was awful. Her fur was full of dander and skin sensitive. It took a good 10 days to get her on to Katkin and she only really likes the beef and lamb but the difference after 3 weeks is huge. Her dander has gone, fur all bushy and silky but the biggest change is she doesn't constantly ask for food and only has one normal poop a day ! She is one Happy cat!!

Gina Riley
13 days ago

Healthy cats. Happy cat people. Handy deliveries. Wholesome bowls.